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Yonkers lost filling

Yonkers lost filling

Fillings are an important part of dental care, because they fix the holes that cavities create using a composite resin matched to the tooth, which protects the hole. At Urgent Care Dental, if you find you have a Yonkers lost filling, call us immediately so that we can refill the hole before debris or food gets inside and begins to cause more tooth decay.

Sometimes dental fillings can break or chip off with age. That’s when it’s important to come into Urgent Care Dental to fix your Yonkers lost filling. We’ll make sure to apply the right amount of composite resin immediately to keep your tooth protected again. Fillings usually last a good number of years, once they are hardened and sculpted down into the tooth. Eventually all fillings will need replacing due to the breakdown of material. If you have suffered a Yonkers lost filling and your tooth has fallen out unexpectedly, it may be due to tooth wear, bacteria leaking into the filling or decay that has chipped away at the filling. If left alone, the chipped or lost filling may end up needing a root canal or in worst case scenarios, may lead to tooth loss.

To avoid a Yonkers lost filling, regular visits to our office are a must. Our dentist can detect potential problems with the fillings and project whether or not the filling may need replacing before it becomes broken or cracked. If decay has formed around the filling’s margin, it may signal the need for restoration. Our urgent dental care offices are designed to allow for emergency appointments such as for a lost filling. If the tooth is a candidate for restoration, we will re-fill the area with the proper material and, if needed, place a crown or cap over the tooth to restore strength and integrity of the structure.

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