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Westchester Urgent Dentist

Westchester Urgent Dentist

When you have a dental emergency, you can’t exactly plan for it to occur during normal business hours, can you? Here at Urgent Care Dental, our business is to be here when other dentist’s offices are closed. So if you have a dental need and it’s late afternoon, evening, or a weekend, you can count on our Westchester urgent dentist. When everyone else is getting ready to go home we’re just arriving to work. And we’re here for you.

You don’t need an appointment to see our Westchester urgent dentist. As long as we’re open, all you need to do is walk through the door. We will fit you in and the wait is typically not very long even at our busiest. We’re pleased to honor most major dental insurance plans and we accept major credit cards. Our fees are reasonable, too. We provide a valuable and much-needed service to you, our valued patient, but our rates are still fair.

The dental services that we provide here is of the highest quality. Our Westchester urgent dentist is board certified and has the experience and expertise to handle whatever emergency you have. Among the possible reasons to come see us are for a toothache; a broken or loose tooth, filling, or restoration; an infection; broken or malfunctioning brackets or ligatures for orthodontic appliances; an avulsed or knocked out tooth; and an injury to your lips or mouth. But no matter what your dental emergency is, if you feel the need to be treated right away, come to our office.

Sometimes, people go to a hospital emergency room for an urgent dental situation, but that’s not a very good idea. Did you know that most ER’s are not equipped for dental work? Most don’t have a dentist on staff at all. And wait times at the emergency room can be very long. Just more reasons to use our Westchester urgent dentist. Often, your dental emergency will involve pain, possibly severe. Don’t suffer needlessly. We’re here from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm Monday thru Friday, and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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