Westchester Oral Trauma

Mouth trauma in Westchester

Westchester oral trauma

Westchester oral trauma

If you experience oral trauma, you no longer need to wait to see an experienced and highly trained dentist. At our practice, Urgent Care Dental, you are able to come in and see an expert dentist when most dental offices are closed. We offer emergency dental services so that you can have the immediate relief you probably need in your mouth trauma situation. When you experience Westchester oral trauma, you will want to seek out our practice, Urgent Care Dental, so you will be able to receive the immediate care that you need.

At our urgent dental care practice, we are very happy to have three expert dentist who are specially trained in mouth trauma and urgent dental treatment. Our dentists are Dr. Scott Loeser, Dr. Jennifer Chan, Dr. Kyung E. Sung, and Dr. Jason Katz. Our dentists are all board-certified and are fully equipped to handle all types of dental emergencies. If you are experiencing Westchester oral trauma, and you are not able to reach your regular dentist, you will want to contact our office for the immediate urgent care that you need.

Some patients come to see us when they are experiencing dental pain that they simply do not know the cause of. Sudden pain can be caused by a variety of different reasons, including a loose filling or crown. If the inside of your mouth got hurt or irritated, bacteria may have entered and caused an infection. This infection can cause a painful swelling that is filled with pus. When the pus is unable to drain out, the area will get swollen and painful; this problem is known as an abscess and is a common oral health problem that we treat at our urgent care office. If a tooth is knocked out, our office will make every effort to see you very quickly, because in these situations time is of the essence. You will want to bring the tooth with you so that it hopefully can be reinserted into your mouth. Our staff member will provide you with precise instructions at the time of your call. Other dental emergencies that we handle on a routine basis are: chipped teeth; lost fillings; lost crowns; problems with dental implants; problems following surgical dental work; and other immediate dental issues. Urgent Care Dental is available after hours and on weekends to provide immediate, emergency dental care for any Westchester oral trauma.

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