Tooth Loss in Yonkers

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Tooth Loss in Yonkers

Tooth Loss in Yonkers

If you have an emergency tooth problem, you can always come and visit us at our Urgent Care Dental practice. Patients come to our dental practice needing many different types of emergency care, including help with dental implant problems. If you are experiencing tooth loss in Yonkers due to a damaged dental implant, our dentist can help you by providing a dental crown to replace your missing porcelain crown.

At our practice we have three expert emergency dentists. They are: Dr. Jennifer Chan; Dr. Kyung E. Sung; and Dr. Jason Katz. Whatever type of emergency dental care you need, we will be able to provide it for you, including if you are experiencing tooth loss in Yonkers. Tooth loss can occur suddenly when a tooth is inadvertently knocked out or broken. You may also have an infected tooth which may be too far gone to be helped by root canal therapy. Our dentist will first assess your individual situation. It may be determined that you may need to have your tooth extracted to keep the infection from spreading to other parts of your mouth; or it may be determined that you need an emergency root canal treatment. Our emergency dentists will always do their best to try to prevent tooth loss in Yonkers.

Dental implants are comprised of a lower titanium root portion and an upper porcelain crown portion. If well taken care of with regular brushing and flossing, and periodic dental cleanings dental implants can last a lifetime. However as with regular permanent teeth, they can be affected by gum disease. If a patient has gum disease which progresses to a serious point, the dental implants may begin to loosen. When you have this type of emergency situation, you can be helped by our dentist to help avoid tooth loss in Yonkers. At our practice, our dentists are also able to help with the loss of missing or broken crowns. The top portion of the dental implant is a porcelain crown. Should it become damaged or cracked, you will have an emergency dental situation. If this is the case, you will want to visit us at Urgent Care Dental so that your dental implant can be taken care of. It may be that you will be provided with a new crown to attach to your dental implants. We hope you will never have a dental emergency or need our services, but chances are you may. At that point, we hope you will come in to see us at Urgent Care Dental for top-notch emergency dental service.

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