Tooth Infection in Yonkers

Urgent dentist in Yonkers

Tooth infection in Yonkers

Tooth infection in Yonkers

When you have a tooth infection in Yonkers, you need our help at Urgent Dental Care. Typically, you will be suffering with intense pain, but even if you’re not now, you will be soon enough. It’s vital to take prompt action to alleviate the pain and also to save the tooth. That’s what our urgent dentist is here for. Don’t wait for an appointment elsewhere. We will be sure that you are seen and that your tooth infection is treated in a timely manner.

How do you know you have a tooth infection? You may not know for sure, but there are some obvious signs that point in that direction versus having a run-of-the-mill toothache which is often hard enough to bear. For one thing, an infection will usually mean severe pain when you chew with the tooth or apply pressure to it. You may also experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks, gum tenderness, or tooth discoloration. When you come in, our urgent dentist will do an examination and take x-rays to diagnose the infection and also to identify its precise location. You will be numbed sufficiently with local anesthetic and then root canal therapy will be performed. If the thought of this scares you, let us assure you that thanks to advanced methods and equipment, the procedure is nothing to be anxious about. Most patients report little or no pain at all during it. The point is to remove the injured pulp and the nerve, and then clean and seal the canals. This can take one or possibly several sessions, but the good news is that after your first session, the infection will be gone and you will no longer be experiencing the pain that brought you in.

When you have a tooth infection in Yonkers, or think that you may have one, don’t hesitate. Contact our office so that you can keep your tooth and rid yourself of the pain.

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