Ardsley Lost Filling

Dealing with a lost dental filling in Ardsley Dental fillings serve an essential role as treatment for cavities. They restore the tooth to its full level of protection, so that the inner tooth is safe from harm, such as a toothache or an infection. It would be great if every...

Ardsley Dental Emergency

Treating an avulsed tooth in Ardsley While toothaches can be minor, they could possibly be caused by a serious underlying problem. Therefore, you should contact your dentist right away. When you have a toothache or another type of Ardsley dental emergency, you need to have access...

Greenville Dentist

Dental trauma in Greenville It is impossible to determine when you may need the services of an emergency dentist. Urgent Care Dental is an after-hours dental practice. When you come to our practice, you will be seen by an expert and highly trained Greenville dentist; our...

Westchester Emergency Dentist

Urgent dentist in Westchester NY Sometimes, urgent care really does mean urgent. If you are suffering from a dental emergency and you cannot get a hold of your family dentist for any reason, whether it is after office hours or they are completely booked, the first thing you might...

Toothache Treatment in Westchester

Westchester Dental Care When people think of emergency medical care, they often think of visiting the ER or rushing to the hospital for help after an accident. Few people realize that a toothache can be a dental emergency and that urgent dental care is a service that we offer...

Cracked Teeth Treatment in Westchester

Cracked Teeth Treatment For various reasons, a tooth can become cracked. Sometimes it may be due to an accident or an injury. It could also be because a tooth has become weakened by tooth decay. Regardless of why it happened, we at Urgent Dental Care are here to address the issue...

Scarsdale Emergency Dental Office

Injuries to the mouth and lips including lacerations and abrasions   At Urgent Dental Care, we know that there are simply some problems that cannot wait. Injuries to your mouth and lips, including lacerations and abrasions number among those matters that count as an...

Scarsdale Dental Emergencies

Oral Pain Scarsdale Here at Urgent Care Dental, our dental experts handle a variety of Scarsdale dental emergencies on a daily basis. Some of the most painful and most indicative of a need for immediate care are abscessed teeth. An abscess occurs when there is a bacterial...