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9 Tips for Good Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene
Did you know that your smile can tell a lot about you? Not only it is an indication of your mood at the moment, but it can also give dentists a clue to your overall health. Poor oral hygiene can lead to such complications as oral and facial pain, gum disease and a variety of...

Ardsley Urgent Dentist

Urgent dentist in Ardsley At Urgent Care Dental our Ardsley urgent dentist treats dental emergencies in a calm and relaxing environment. If you are suffering from a dental emergency, call our office today. Patients who are suffering from a loose or knocked out tooth should come...

Greenville Dental Trauma

Traumatic injuries in Greenville Traumatic injuries to your teeth or other parts of your mouth can be both painful and scary. Whether the result of an accident or injury, we at Urgent Care Dental are your source for immediate attention, gentle care, and expert treatment. And...

Greenville Dental Office

Wisdom teeth extractions in Greenville At Urgent Care Dental we perform full tooth extractions at our Greenville dental office and other cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. Wisdom tooth extractions and other extractions are performed if root canal, or endodontic...

Lost Tooth Treatment in Westchester

Best urgent dentist in Westchester Although we try to avoid it, most of us will experience at least one dental emergency in our lifetime. This could be a cracked tooth from a fall, a sports injury that knocks out a tooth, or a lost dental crown or filling the day before a big job...