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Scarsdale Dentist

Scarsdale Dentist

If you ever need emergency dental care, you will want to be seen by a dentist who truly specializes in emergency dental treatment. At Urgent Care Dental, our Scarsdale dentist will provide you with the very best emergency dental treatment to effectively take care of your dental emergency.

When you come to see our Scarsdale dentist, you will be seen by one of our expert emergency dentists, just one of whom is Dr. Jennifer Chan. One of one of the main reasons patients come into our emergency dental practice is because they have toothache pain. Tooth pain can be caused by a tooth that has damaged or infected pulp in the center, in which case it will need to have a root canal treatment. Additionally, if you have lost a filling or a crown, you may be experiencing tooth pain because the nerve inside of the tooth is being exposed to the air. Another common reason we see emergency dental patients is because they have a dental abscess. It is important that tooth abscesses are treated as soon as possible to rid the mouth of infection, and prevent dental problems. We also offer treatment for teeth that have been knocked out of the mouth. This can occur during sports participation, or from another injury. In this situation, time is of the essence. Our office staff will give you instructions on how to safely transport the tooth back to our office. If you have a damaged tooth that cannot be saved with a root canal treatment, or a wisdom tooth is causing problems, we can provide tooth extractions at our office, as well. A chipped tooth should have immediate treatment because bacteria can enter the center of the tooth through certain types of chips. Other dental emergencies that we see on a routine basis include: tooth infections, injuries to the mouth or lip, problems with dental implants, and problems with other dental work or surgery.

For an appointment to come in to see our emergency Scarsdale dentist, simply contact us when you need emergency dental care.

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