Riverdale Tooth Pain

Toothache Treatment in Riverdale

Riverdale tooth pain

Riverdale tooth pain

Urgent Care Dental specializes in toothache treatment and emergency dental care. For those suffering from Riverdale tooth pain and in need of immediate care, we are open during normal as well as extended business hours so that you can have your dental emergency looked at by one of our dentists right away.

We are staffed by a team of Board Certified Dentists who are equipped to provide you with the best emergency care with state of the art technical equipment. We know that toothaches can cause extreme pain and dental emergencies do happen from time to time outside of business hours. We offer treatment seven days a week for tooth pain, toothaches, abscesses, broken teeth and extractions. We also specialize in oral and tooth infections and injuries to the mouth. Some in need of immediate emergency dental care may have lip lacerations or abrasions that require a dentist as soon as possible. If you are experiencing Riverdale tooth pain, problems with your dental implants or dental work, or have lost a filling or a crown, you can call our offices after regular business hours to reach an emergency dentist.

Riverdale tooth pain and injuries to gums and teeth can be extremely painful. If a tooth has decayed or has a cavity, food and other debris that come into contact with it may hit the nerve and cause pain and sensitivity to heat and cold. If a filling or crown has come loose, the nerve of the tooth can become exposed, which can be dangerous to the nerve or cause sensitivity. An abscess is a dangerous condition that happens when bacteria enters the mouth and causes infection and swelling. Without drainage, the area becomes more swollen and can form an even worse infection. If you have an abscess, or one of your teeth has been knocked out, you should come in for an immediate care visit. When teeth have been knocked out, time is crucial. Teeth can be successfully replaced in the mouth, but should be done in a timely manner. You may find that if you have tooth pain, an abscess, or teeth that have been knocked out that you need care right away.

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