Lost tooth in Westchester

Fix a Lost Tooth or Crown

There are plenty of reasons why you might visit your dentist, but it is important that you visit your dentist as soon as you possibly can in the event of a dental emergency. There are several things that may be considered a dental emergency, but losing a tooth or a dental crown can be considered some among many. No matter what your concerns are, we here at Urgent Care Dental can help treat a lost tooth in Westchester among a variety of other ailments that may require immediate dental attention.

Lost Tooth in Westchester

Lost Tooth in Westchester

Dealing with dental emergencies is as the name suggests: urgent. Instead of visiting the ER, if you know that you have lost a tooth or have lost a dental crown or cap, you can visit us here at Urgent Care Dental instead. We can provide you with the specific dental care that you need without the wait. A lost tooth in Westchester is considered a dental emergency because portions of the tooth may have splintered, the gums may have been harmed or cut in some way, adjacent teeth may have been damaged in the process, and pieces of the tooth may still be embedded in the gums. This is especially important if a tooth was lost due to an accident or an injury. Here at Urgent Care Dental, one of our urgent dentist will examine the area in question and look for any signs of tooth splinters, trauma, and other damage. If you have lost a dental cap or crown on the other hand, your natural tooth may have cracked or broken in the process so it is imperative that you have an urgent dentist examine the injury before replacing the crown to restore the tooth’s shape and function.

If you have a lost tooth in Westchester, or are experiencing any tooth aches, pains, or have suffered from an accident or injury, it is imperative that you see an urgent dentist as soon as you can. The sooner you get treatment, the more likely the damage can be repaired before more trauma or further infection occurs. Call us here at Urgent Care Dental if you are experiencing any sudden symptoms or acute pain in order to get the emergency care that you need.

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