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Treating Lost Fillings/Crowns in Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge Dentist

Kingsbridge Dentist

Fillings and crowns serve essential roles in preserving your teeth to keep them lasting a lot longer, by shoring up weaknesses. A restored tooth can last a lifetime, but the restoration itself typically does not. When you’ve lost a filling or crown, you can turn to us at Urgent Care Dental for help right away. We will get you in to see our Kingsbridge dentist quickly, often the very same day.

There are many reasons why a filling can loosen and fall out. For example, amalgam fillings are made from metal, and they are subject to expanding and contracting with heat and cold, respectively. Even composite, ceramic, or porcelain fillings can be lost, though. Your existing cavity might grow, and the tight fit of the original filling is no longer the case. Regardless of the reason, without your filling there is a hole in your tooth, leaving the pulp and nerve exposed. The same is true with crowns. If your crown was originally placed to augment a tooth that was chipped, cracked, or otherwise structurally damaged, there is danger in the tooth no longer being protected. Not only will you be likely to experience a toothache, but an infection could set in, which typically leads to root canal, or even the loss of the tooth. It is vital that you don’t delay in getting treated by our Kingsbridge dentist. Replacing a lost filling or crown is usually fairly straightforward. Minimal drilling and the placement of a new filling is all it takes for the lost filling. A temporary crown will be put on your tooth for a lost one, and impressions taken so that the dental lab can make you a new permanent one.

Our Kingsbridge dentist is ready to address your urgent concerns. Keep our number programmed in all your phones and use it when a problem arises.

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