Greenville NY Dental Treatment

Emergency Dental Care in Greenville NY

Greenville NY Dental Treatment

Greenville NY Dental Treatment

Emergency dental care can encompass anything that is causing pain in your teeth, gums, or jaws; or structural damage to your tooth or its supporting structures, as in the case of an accident or injury. At Urgent Care Dental, we are here to take care of you when a problem arises; not first thing the middle of next week. All you have to do is walk in. We neither require nor do we accept appointments. And because we’re here until 9 pm on weekdays and we have Saturday and Sunday hours, you can depend on us. So when other dental offices are closed, we’re your source for the attention you need.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to emergency dental care, the last place you should go is to a hospital E.R. They are not equipped to handle dental problems and it is very rare that they have a dentist on staff at all. In addition, co-pays can be extremely high there. Unless you have a serious or life-threatening medical emergency in addition to your urgent dental need, you will want to avail yourself of our Greenville NY dental treatment instead. Not only do we accept most major dental insurance plans (please bring your proof of insurance with you), but you can also pay with a major credit card or cash if you prefer. We even offer no interest financing, because we are committed to optimal patient care first and foremost, and we don’t want anyone to suffer needlessly for want of ability to pay in full when coming in for our Greenville NY dental treatment. This is not to say that our fees are anything except perfectly reasonable. You will find that they are in line with the normal fee schedules of major dental insurance plans.

Keep our information handy. Program it into your phone. And when you are in need of our Greenville NY dental treatment, don’t hesitate to come in anytime during our regular 7 day per week business hours.

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