Greenville Dental Trauma

Traumatic injuries in Greenville

Greenville dental trauma

Greenville dental trauma

Traumatic injuries to your teeth or other parts of your mouth can be both painful and scary. Whether the result of an accident or injury, we at Urgent Care Dental are your source for immediate attention, gentle care, and expert treatment. And because we have evening hours during the week, and are here all day on Saturdays and Sundays until 5:00 pm, you can count on us to be here for you when other dental offices are not. We open up when they’re getting ready to close, so that we can address your Greenville dental trauma.

Probably the most common traumatic injury to the mouth is having one or more teeth dislodged from their socket or knocked from it entirely. This type of situation is serious and the more quickly you act, the more likely you are to keep your tooth. If it has been dislodged, see if you can gently push it back into its socket. Don’t try to force it, though. If the tooth has come completely loose, be sure to keep it moist until you can get to our office. We recommend that you place it in a container of milk or one with water and a pinch of salt. Our emergency dentist will evaluate your Greenville dental trauma and determine if the tooth simply needs to be put back in or whether damage to the tooth’s pulp requires root canal treatment. If so, do not be put off. Our office uses advanced techniques and equipment to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. As a matter of fact, most patients report very little or even no pain at all during the procedure. And for injuries to your tongue, jaw, or gums, you can also depend on skilled care.

You never know when Greenville dental trauma will happen. Keep our number programmed into your phones. And don’t hesitate to use it.

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