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Wisdom teeth extractions in Greenville

Greenville dental office

Greenville dental office

At Urgent Care Dental we perform full tooth extractions at our Greenville dental office and other cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. Wisdom tooth extractions and other extractions are performed if root canal, or endodontic therapy, is not an option for patients. Wisdom teeth are best extracted at a young age before they cause problems in the mouth. Most wisdom teeth grow in when the patient is a teenager and are usually done growing by the time they are 25.

Many of our full tooth extractions tend to be wisdom tooth extractions. Because wisdom teeth are the last molars to come in, by the time they grow in there may not be enough room in the mouth, causing them to be impacted. If wisdom teeth become impacted they may cause pain and swelling, and will need to be removed immediately at our Greenville dental office. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause abscess or infection if not removed. Some wisdom teeth erupt and stay healthy without creating any problems, but it’s common for wisdom teeth to be extracted. Many wisdom teeth end up coming in sideways and staying trapped under the gum.

Another problem when wisdom teeth erupt sideways is that they can push the other teeth out of alignment, which causes the need for orthodontic prevention. In worst case scenarios, tumors or cysts may form under the tooth, which can harm the patient’s jawbone by deteriorating it. If you think you may have an oral emergency, call our Greenville dental office immediately. We provide emergency services such as emergency root canals, emergency extractions and treatment for infection. If teeth are swollen and painful, infection may be the cause of the oral pain. Antibiotics are given after an abscess to heal the area and for the swelling to go down. An abscess sometimes forms if a wisdom tooth becomes impacted and infected.

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