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It can be scary when due to an accident or an injury, you suffer with a laceration, abrasion, or other injury to your lips or mouth. At Urgent Care Dental, we’re dedicated to being here to offer you the care that you require, quickly, safely, and effectively. That’s why we have office hours seven days per week and even into late at night. Because when you need our emergency dental office in Scarsdale the most, we’re here for you.

Accidents are typically the most common cause for injuries to the mouth. This can be a traffic accident or due to participation in a sport or other activity, falling, or being the victim of violence. The reason for the injury is less important than having it treated in a timely manner. Your first instinct may be to go to the emergency room, but while the ER is the best place for medical attention, they are not generally well suited to handling dental problems. That’s why you should call our emergency dental office in Scarsdale. Not only are we fully equipped to handle your physical injuries, but we also understand that there is often emotional trauma present. That is why we treat you, the person, and not just the injury itself.

At our emergency dental office in Scarsdale, we have the skill, experience, and the tools necessary to properly handle all mouth and lip related injuries. And the importance of turning to an expert cannot be overstated. Lacerations, for example, are usually remedied by suturing. It is not only vital to close the wound and to ensure that it leaves minimal scarring, but there are nerves, salivary glands, an salivary ducts that need to be considered and accurately navigated around.

Even if you have a primary dentist who you’re happy with, you may need treatment at a time when that office isn’t open. Our emergency dental office in Scarsdale┬áhas the flexibility to tend to your injuries when you require care, not when it’s convenient for us. Keep our phone number handy. Log it into your mobile phone. You want us only a push of the button away if the need should arise.

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