Eastchester Urgent Dentist

Eastchester urgent dentist

Eastchester urgent dentist

Our practice is a unique one because we focus strictly on emergencies and not on routine care. And because we’re open when most other dentist offices are closed, we at Urgent Care Dental serve a useful and vital purpose. We’re here late afternoons and evenings during the week, and all day on Saturday and Sunday. The unfortunate truth is that toothaches, tooth damage, infections, and other common dental issues can occur at any time, not just during typical business hours. So when your own dentist isn’t there, you can be sure that our Eastchester urgent dentist is.

There are some typical signs that alert you to a need for immediate attention. Chief among these are toothaches or any pain in or around your tooth or gums. It may not always be evident to you the reason for the pain, but you should most certainly see our Eastchester urgent dentist right away. After an examination and x-rays, it will be possible to determine what the problem is, and therefore the most appropriate treatment to provide. A toothache may require nothing more than a filling or a dental crown. If you are suffering with an infection, an abscess, or another more serious concern, then our Eastchester urgent dentist may have to perform more complicated work, up to and including an extraction. Essentially, any dental emergency you have, including a lost filling or crown, or a damaged implant, is something that our office can assist with. Do not feel shy about accessing our services when you feel you need them. Remember, hospital ER’s and medical urgent care centers are unlikely to have either dental equipment or a dentist on staff, which is why you should depend on us.

You don’t need an appointment to see our Eastchester urgent dentist. Just come in. We see patients on a first come, first served basis.

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