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Most people only visit their dentist during yearly checkups. While annual checkups are vital to keeping up with your oral hygiene and health, biannual dental cleanings are also suggested to help keep stubborn plaque at bay in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. But these are not the only times to visit your dentist. Dental emergencies are never convenient but they should also never go untreated. Dental trauma can cause any number of issues that will only get worse the longer they are not seen by a professional. We here at Urgent Dental care are here to help in the case of such an emergency.

Emergency Dentistry in Scarsdale

Emergency Dentistry in Scarsdale

There are plenty of things that can happen to your teeth and gums that may necessitate Scarsdale emergency dental care. Call us at Urgent Dental Care Dental trauma can create serious health concerns and can only worsen if left untreated. A broken or chipped tooth can create a jagged edge that can injure your tongue or inside of your mouth. It can even affect the nerve the tooth and become infected. A cracked tooth, or cracked tooth syndrome, is when the tooth becomes cracked due to trauma but the injury goes beneath the gums. This can cause nerve trauma or damage as well. Teeth that are removed or completely broken during an injury can affect surrounding teeth, gums, and can leave remnants behind in the space it once inhabited, creating complications. If you lose a dental cap or crown, food can get stuck in open cavities and allow for tooth decay to fester and infect or even reinfect the tooth. Other serious tooth conditions can feel sudden and painful and need to be taken care of immediately. An abscessed tooth is when the tooth or inside of the mouth becomes infected due to bacteria, sometimes causing swelling and you may even see pus.

Any of these sorts of condition needs to be addressed immediately, and our team of dentists here is Urgent Dental Care is prepared to help. If you are in need of emergency dental care in Scarsdale, our office is conveniently open seven days a week in order to bring you the urgent dental care you need and deserve.

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