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Urgent dentist in Ardsley

Ardsley urgent dentist

Ardsley urgent dentist

At Urgent Care Dental our Ardsley urgent dentist treats dental emergencies in a calm and relaxing environment. If you are suffering from a dental emergency, call our office today. Patients who are suffering from a loose or knocked out tooth should come in immediately. Time is of the essence when it comes to a missing tooth that has become dislodged. If this happens, the tooth can be put into a glass of milk until the patient can get to the dental office.

A tooth infection is also an emergency. It can turn into an abscess if it isn’t handled in a timely manner. An infection can be detected by swelling as well as redness and pain. Facial injuries can include lacerations, cuts, teeth being knocked out, fractured bones or fractured jaws. They can be caused by car accidents, falls, sports, or they can happen on the job. Fractures are handled by treating them and stabilizing the bone for proper healing. Our Ardsley urgent dentist can tell you more about facial injuries and what can happen.

Our Ardsley urgent dentist treats many cases of trauma. Trauma can extend to teeth, which requires a dental specialist. Oral surgeons can treat fractures in the bone and place teeth back in the mouth by bonding or wiring them together. Teeth should be placed back in the mouth as quickly as possible so that the tooth can survive. It has a better chance of survival if it is done quickly. If not, the root of the tooth can begin to die. We have two offices, one in Scarsdale and one in Riverdale. Chipped teeth and lost fillings and crowns are also considered an emergency. A lost filling or crown can hurt because the exposed tooth tissue can be very sensitive to temperature and pressure, or even air.

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