Ardsley Tooth Infection

Diagnosing and Treating Tooth Infection in Ardsley

Ardsley Tooth Infection

Ardsley Tooth Infection

At Urgent Care Dental, we treat tooth infections quickly before they get worse. An Ardsley tooth infection can quickly turn into an abscess if it isn’t handled in a timely manner. An infection can be detected by a few different symptoms. Swelling, either around the gum or facial swelling, as well as redness and pain are hallmark symptoms of some kind of tooth infection. Severe pain when touching the area, or hot and cold sensations, can all be either infection or cavity.

Infection can happen if a filling or crown falls off, and the root and nerves inside the tooth become exposed. Bacteria and food can get inside the hole, causing cavities, pain and possibly an abscess. The bacteria entering a tooth causes the abscess, which can be swollen and filled with pus. This kind of Ardsley tooth infection can be extremely painful. The abscess should be treated because it can actually spread and become much worse, resulting in loss of teeth. If a tooth needs extraction, we will use local anesthesia to numb the area and quickly pull the tooth so the patient feels no pain. Some teeth become severely decayed and need to be pulled, or they may become broken to the point where extraction is needed.

Some wisdom teeth can become impacted and have to be pulled as well. They may not cause an Ardsley tooth infection, but they can crowd the mouth and push into other teeth, or become impacted, which means they never erupt but instead stay inside the gum. These wisdom teeth should be pulled before they create a problem or become prone to infection. If the wisdom teeth pose no problem, they can stay in the mouth indefinitely. Sometimes the teeth are pulled in order to make room for orthodontics to fit in the mouth.

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