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Ardsley lost filling

Ardsley lost filling

While fillings can last for a long time, they don’t last forever. Furthermore, for various reasons, a filling can simply loosen and fall out. When you experienced¬†Ardsley lost filling, you need prompt attention, which is exactly what you can expect here at Urgent Care Dental. When other dental offices are closed, that’s when we’re open.

Tooth decay is something that affects nearly everyone, sooner or later. Dental plaque, the film-like bacterial substance, erodes tooth enamel and eventually, enough is lost to form a cavity. You may be alerted by a toothache, or it may get detected as one your regularly scheduled routine checkups. Either way, the solution is a filling. Depending on the type of material used, your filling can be expected to last a few years or maybe even 15 years or more. Amalgam fillings, made from metal, are subject to expansion and contraction due to heat and cold, and so are more prone to falling out than other materials are. The same reason that you have the original cavity filled in a timely manner is why you should seek out our urgent dentist when you have an Ardsley lost filling. With the filling gone, your tooth’s inner portion is exposed. That means the nerve and the pulp. A toothache is likely. And the longer that you go without replacing the filling, the greater risk you are taking that an infection can take hold. If so, you will probably experience even greater pain, and root canal therapy will be required. So it’s not difficult to see that having your Ardsley lost filling taken care of immediately is a high priority.

Our urgent dentist is available when you need help the most. For your Ardsley lost filling, contact us and we will have you seen as quickly as we can.

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