Ardsley Lost Filling

Dealing with a lost dental filling in Ardsley

Ardsley lost filling

Ardsley lost filling

Dental fillings serve an essential role as treatment for cavities. They restore the tooth to its full level of protection, so that the inner tooth is safe from harm, such as a toothache or an infection. It would be great if every filling lasted forever, but for various reasons, fillings eventually need replacement. If yours has come loose and fallen out, turn to us at Urgent Care Dental.

While all fillings can become lost, an amalgam (metal) one is most likely to do so. That’s because metal expands and contracts based on temperature. Regardless of the material used in your filling, you should not hesitate to get care for it when you have an Ardsley lost filling. The space where the filling was is now an exposed area. You may feel pain in you tooth and/or sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks. No one wants to be uncomfortable, so the sooner you come in, the more quickly you can get relief as our dentist places a new filling. However, there is another danger, and that’s an infection in the pulp of your tooth, which is located at the base inside, right next to the nerve. In that instance, the pain could be considerably more severe. And the infected tissue will need to be removed in order to relieve the pain and save the tooth. Doing so means that instead of replacing your Ardsley lost filling, root canal has to be done. Fortunately, there is greater comfort in this procedure due to advancements in technology used. Nevertheless, and despite a 90% success rate, you would definitely prefer to avoid needing it at all.

Some of the best advice you will ever get from us is to reach out to our office immediately when you notice an Ardsley lost filling or even if you feel it becoming loose. Time is of the essence.

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