Ardsley Extractions

Dental extractions in Ardsley

Ardsley extractions

Ardsley extractions

Our Urgent Care Dental strive to preserve teeth through prevention and restoration but sometimes even their best efforts can’t prevent the need for teeth extractions. Our practice specializes in emergency dentistry but our doctors have also had extensive training and experience in oral surgery so our practice can handle Ardsley extractions of all types without our patients having to go to another practitioner to get a tooth pulled.

An Ardsley extractions is necessary for many reasons depending on the underlying condition or impairment of the teeth involved. The majority of extractions are of teeth that are severely decayed and can’t be saved by restoration. It is estimated that worldwide about two-thirds of teeth that are pulled are because they are severely decayed. Severe gum disease is another major reason for extractions, where the gum is diseased to a degree that it can no longer support the tooth. Teeth can also be extracted because they are blocking another tooth or to relieve an overcrowded mouth. Extractions also happen in preparation for orthodontic treatments. Other extractions are the result of infected teeth that did not respond to endodontic treatments or teeth that are impacted and cannot erupt out of the gum. Sometimes teeth that are severely cracked, fractured or malformed have to be extracted. Other extraction reasons include removing teeth that may get infected for a patient receiving chemotherapy or a tooth blocking the path of radiation therapy to the head or neck.

An Ardsley extractions can be done through simple extractions or surgical extractions depending on the condition and position of the tooth. A simple extraction is usually performed when the teeth to be extracted are visible in the mouth. A local anesthetic is given to numb the area and the tooth is lifted using an instrument called an elevator and then forceps are used to rock the tooth back and forth until the periodontal ligament has sufficiently broken and the alveolar bone has widened to allow the tooth to be lifted out. A surgical extraction is performed when a tooth is not easily accessible because it is either under the gum or has not fully erupted. Under general anesthesia an incision is made and the area around the tooth is lifted or maybe removed, often the tooth is shattered to facilitate removal. If you need teeth extracted for whatever reason call our office.

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